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Wu Te

Wu Te

05 March 2017 | Bride at Kelly & Yan Wedding

Highly recommended!!!

We found Dulce's profile while we were searching for wedding card designers. In fact, I had a lot of ideas during the initial stage. Along the way, I keep changing my mind in consideration of the theme and budget. Thanks to Dulce's understanding and patience, finally we had a final idea. It took about a month to churn out the first draft. It was more or less of what we wanted with minor fine tuning. Again, we tried out a few colours for our logos and found the best combination after all. Our printing quantity was low so Dulce suggested us to proceed with our own printing so that to save some cost. She even took the initiative to help us with the layout so that our printing process was very smooth! If you are looking for a personalized wedding card designer, she is definitely the one you should start communicating with!

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